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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Examples of lies in advertisements

Phrases used in advertisements are EVIL. Designed to appear harmless, they are actually deadly snares to captivate and delude you

So here are some of the examples often used :

Made with real fruit juice

Some people are fooled into believing that this drink is made of fruit juice. Seriously? A quick look at the ingredients can tell you that the concentration of fruit juice is actually much lower than the concentration of colourings, flavours, and preservatives. As evil as the company wants to be, the percentage of "real" fruit juice added in could vary from 1% to negligible

This juice contains no added sugar

Most fruit juices sold in the market are made by combining concentrated purees with water and preservatives. When they say no sugar is added, meaning that no sugar is added into the mixture stated above. 
So there's no sugar in the juice? As if. Sugar is added into the concentrated fruit purees for the mixture. When they say no sugar is added, it just means they don't add sugar into their final product. 

No preservatives are used

One of the biggest lies ever told. Why of course they don't use preservatives (according to them), they only use permitted food stabilizers and conditioners. Despite the difference in name, they essentially  work to preserve and maintain the appearance of the product. In the nutshell, they are also a type of preservative

100% aloe vera gel

No, it doesn't necessarily mean that this product is only made of aloe vera gel. The 100% might actually refer to the fact that the aloe vera used is 100% in the form of a gel, instead of 98% gel and 2% liquid (example).

Or it might probably mean, only 100% aloe vera is used to be mixed into this product. After mixing it with kerosene, silicone gels etc. this product only contains probably 22% aloe vera.

Descriptions of products are often smartly written and thought of to deceive consumers. Hence, to be a good consumer, make sure you read the product's ingredients before reading the product's descriptions.


Kaylex (CK) said...

Marketing scams.. -.-''

Clyde Lim said...

yea. lots of ppl get fooled by them D:

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