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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why I hate movies

They say movies are reflections of our lives. How true do you think that is?

I think it's just a joke. Seriously. The sort of scenes we see in movies can't be applied in our lives at all.

I've seen so many of my friends wishing their lives were as beautiful as these moving portraits that are projected on screens.

In the end what happens? They start comparing their lives with the movies, and they start complaining about how insensitive and unromantic their partners are. Then, they start arguing with each other, because their expectations of their partners based on the movies, are not fulfilled.

Movies are not reflections of our lives. Even if they are, they are but photoshopped reflections, hiding the ugly truth in real life, only emphasizing on the beautiful aspects of life.

Seriously, ask yourself.

Do you ever wake up looking beautiful and your hair is in perfect shape? Do you smile all them time, free of agitation and frustration while strolling down a road? Do you even have makeup on when you take a bathe?

You don't? Well, they always do in movies.

Everything is always beautiful in movies. Everyone is perfect, leading us to believe that life should be perfect as well.

Then some of you may say, there are also some sad parts in movies.

Yeah, they are. But what about them? Do they even make up a quarter of the whole movie? Even if they do, do you think the sadness is that sad after all?

In movies, couples fight and they get back together a week after. The sun shines bright and birds rejoice as they embrace each other. All if forgotten, all is well.

You won't be expecting that in real life. There's gonna be a real clash when a couple fights. The world splits into two, and people are forced to take sides or die. And even if the couple manages to find the peace after the storm, there ain't gonna be rainbows stretching above them as they hold each other. It's just gonna be a silent apology, followed by an awkward moment of even more silence.

Movies are not our lives. They may be inspired by our lives, but they're just fragments of what we are expecting from an ideal life, whereby everyone in the world hold hands and sing a song of hope.

An ideal life is just a wish that can't be granted. We are but humble marionettes, dancing to the strings of our puppeteer. We are coerced on the stage, made to please the audience, not given the right to choose our props, our crowd, our stage, or even the other dolls. We are nothing but dancers, enslaved for eternity. Until one day, when our strings are severed, we fall off the stage and remain there, forgotten.

After all, what are we but just another prop to make the stage more appealing?

Hence, we resort to movies to represent our aspirations toward life. They may not make our wish come true, but it gives us the light of hope that things might get better, things will get better.

But what if it doesn't? We just keep waiting, and waiting for the change to happen, until we get fed up and give up hope in life.


savante said...

Though there's some basis in the movie linked to reality most of us is probably dreamt up. None of us speak so eloquently in real life :) Most of us stumble through whatever relationships we all have with each other. And that makes us all human.

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