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Monday, October 24, 2011

All those glitters are not gold

T'was a fine day. Andy and I were in 1U doing some shopping (Andy wants my opinion as he's gonna get himself some new clothes)

So we went into Brands Outlet

Andy : Woah! I like this shirt's colour! The images on it are so cool! (picking up this green shirt with some prints on it)

Me : Yeah, it looks nice. You should try it on.

(after trying on)

Andy : I'm getting this one! :D

Me : Great. It's 3 for RM50. You still need to get another 2.

So he picked up another 2 t-shirts and tried them on.

Andy : I love this place!

Me : it's my favourite place too. So you getting them?

Andy : Nah, I'll walk around and see first

Me : Oh, OK.... (WTF if you like them sooo much, just buy lah! Donit walk here, walk there, waste time)

Then we entered Zara

Andy : ZOMG, this shirt damn cool! I love the colour!

Me : Errr... It's just a plain shirt and it's almost triple the price of the one you tried just now

Andy : But I like this better

Me : I think the previous ones look better

Andy : But it's Zara!

Me : Huh?

Andy : It's Zara!

Me : Excuse me?

Andy : This shirt is from Zara! Those shirts are just from Brands Outlet

Me : Errrrr..... Are you buying the brand or the shirt?

Andy : Everything from Zara is so nice~! *dancing and spinning around as if he was Julie Roberts in The Sound of Music* 
(I suspect he did not hear me, or probably ignored me)

So Andy got his Zara shirt, which was effing-expensive for such an effing-plain shirt

A few hours later, we walked pass Brands Outlet again

Andy : Shit. I just got conned

Me : Huh?

Andy : I hate this shirt I just bought!!!!

Me : But you said you liked it!!!

Andy : I don't! I like the those more! *pointing at the mannequins in Brands Outlet*

Me : .......  Eff you

Moral of the story : All those glitters are not gold. Just because it's Zara, that doesn't mean it's nice. So if you're gonna get yourself something, buy it because you really like it, not because its expensive/high-end


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