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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The best skin product

Readers keep asking me, what is the best skin product out there?

The honest answer I can give you is that, there is no "best" because everyone's skin is different and different products work differently.

Then another question crops out : Which do you think is the best skincare product?

So, the brand I think that's the best is Max Factor

Max Factor's range, SK-II uses pitera to achieve that youthful and translucent looking skin

I have several relatives who use this product (SK-II facial treatment essence), and trust me, they have really healthy skin!

If you really want to use SK-II, but you have no money, just get the facial treatment essence (the so-called miracle water). I don't think you can achieve much by buying the cleansers anyway.

So here's the price if you are interested :

For small bottle (75 ml) = RM 187
For big bottle (150 ml) = RM 298

(Note that the price might change from time to time and places to places)

And if you're wondering, NO, I'm not a Max Factor SK-II promoter.


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