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Monday, July 18, 2011

The wonders of night creams

Basically Night Creams are the creams you use on your face at night. (Needless to say)

So, are they important?

Well, night creams are not a must. They are more like an add-on if you wish to wake up with a healthier and glowing complexion.

But what do Night creams do?

There are many benefits of applying night creams on your facial skin :

1. Night cream works by "repairing" your skin at night. All night creams contain ingredients to stimulate the metabolism of your skin, encouraging cellular regrowth. This will eventually lead to an improved appearance when you wake up.

2. Night creams can work as moisturising agents. Owing to the fact that many of them contain moisturising ingredients like glycerin, night creams provide continuous hydration throughout the night. If you sleep with the air-conditioner on, it is highly-suggested for you to get yourself a night cream.

3. Some night creams contain other ingredients for an added effect, like collagen to improve wrinkles or tea tree oil to get rid of acne.

Bio-essence Tanaka White Renewal Night Cream with thanaka extract

Lancome's Blanc Expert Nuit Neuro White X3, a light night cream for suitable for all skin types

Body Shop's Aloe Soothing Night cream with aloe vera for sensitive skin

Clinique's Night Cream. Never tried this before. But it looks rather appealing

Nutox Oxyfusion Night Cream. Formulated without parabens 

*Please note that night creams are not meant to replace moisturizers. You still need to apply your moisturizer before applying your night cream.

So, if you're planning to get yourself a night cream here are some things to take note :

1. Avoid night creams with rich and thick texture unless you have dry skin.
2. As your skin needs to "breathe" at night, avoid ones containing silicone oils like dimethicone
3. You'd be a fool if you buy a night cream JUST because you like the smell.

And remember, NEVER apply your night cream in the day
Night creams contain ingredients that breakdown under the sun rays. Applying them during the day would be a total waste, if not, a liability to your skin. Get yourself a day cream instead!

So that's all for this post. I hope you guys found it useful
Sorry for not updating my blog lately, coz I got myself hooked to playing Final Fantasy. haha

Anyway thanks for reading and do share this with your friends :D


Kelvin Liew said...

Night cream for men?

Clyde Lim said...

you can try the Lab series or clinique ones, if you want products targeted for men

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