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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ultraviolet rays. The dangers you dont know

So I had a request to dedicate a post especially for ultraviolet rays, since i talked about the lightening effects of the sunblock last time.

to learn about how sunblocks work, click here

Ultraviolet rays are divided into 3 types : UVA, UVB and UVC

However, we need not worry about UVC, as it does not reach us, since it can't penetrate the Earth's ozone layer.

Now, let's start by talking about UVB
UVB is lower in intensity than UVA, and only affects the upper epidermis of our skin, causing sunburn, darkening etc.
In sunblocks, the sun protection factor (SPF) determines the level of protection against UVB rays. The higher the SPF number, the higher the degree of protection against UVB.

Nano white Sunblock by Tohtonku, with SPF 50

UVA is much stronger in intensity compared to UVB. It penetrates deep into the inner strata of our skin, killing the cells inside.
UVA is known to break down collagen, cause wrinkling in skin, make our skin droopy and lose its elasticity, etc.
The level of protection against UVA rays are determined by the number of "+" in the PA. Naturally, the more the "+" signs, the better the level of UVA protection.

Sunplay Powdery White Sunblock by Mentholatum with PA+++

So if you want to have optimum protection, go get yourself a sunblock with SPF 30 and PA ++.

Vaseline Healthy Sunblock with SPF30 and PA++ for your body

Here are some questions regarding the use of sunblocks that i would like to answer  :

1. If I were to go to a mountain/highland where it is cool and breezy like Genting Highlands, I don't need to use apply sunblock. Am I right?

No. While it may be cool and breezy up there, the intensity of ultra violet rays can't be measured by how hot your surroundings are. In fact, being in highlands, you are exposed to higher intensity UV rays, as you are nearer to the Earth's atmosphere. This might seem hard to believe, but I've known quite a number of people who visited Genting Highlands and ended up with a sunburn there.

2. I don't need to use sunblock in winter, when it's snowing.

Not true. Snow is made out of water, a highly reflective substance. Having a lot of snow on the ground during winter is like having a huge piece of mirror, reflecting the sun's rays at you. Whether, it's rain or shine, or snow, you have to apply your sunblock when you step out of your house.

3. I don't need to apply sunblock when I go out at night

True. I trust this needs no further explanation.

So thanks for reading my blog. I hope you found this post helpful. And don't forget to introduce this blog to your friends and share it on your Facebook :D


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