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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

So today, I went to shop in 1 Utama (the best mall in Malaysia IMHO)

While I was walking, I suddenly craved for something cold and sweet to savour. Then I saw this :

Tutti Fruity Frozen Yoghurt!

Since there seems to be so many benefits, I decided to try lah

Tutti Frutti adopts the self-service concept. You are allowed to choose and mix any flavours you want, and you can add toppings too! :D

so how do you start?

1. First, you choose a paper bowl

The paper bowls come in 3 sizes :

small (orange)
medium (green)
large (pink)

2. After choosing your bowl, you can now choose the flavours you want

This is the "death by chocolate" flavour. You dispense the frozen yogurt by pulling down the lever, and placing your bowl directly under the dispenser.

the "Fine-apple" flavour

the "Royal Red Velvet" flavour

The "Tutti Frutti Original" flavour

The Vanilla flavored frozen yogurt

The Kiwi flavored frozen yogurt

The "Yo-yogurt" flavour

3. After choosing and mixing your frozen yogurts, you can add your toppings

you can choose to add chocolate syrup, caramel or strawberry syrup

You can add some fruits in there too. They have litchis, strawberries, grapes, peaches, kiwis, bananas, nata de cocos, etc. for you to choose from!

And if you love candies, you can add some marshmallows or oreos :D

4. After adding your toppings (optional) it's time for you to weigh and pay. 
In Tutti Frutti, they charge you by weight

So here's what i got for myself :

For my yogurt I chose : Yo-yogurt, Royal Red Velvet, and TF Original

For my toppings : Strawberries, a slice of peach, caramel, and choc syrup

The price : RM 19.60


Friggin' expensive. Maybe I took too much D:

Overall, the frozen yogurt was OK
It tastes exactly like the yogurt we can find in the market, just that the texture is different.

But the frozen yogurt really complimented the strawberries. I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy them

If you love yogurt, you should try this, but make sure you have enough money in your wallet
(I almost ran out of money. haha)

 If you're wondering where you can find this in 1U, it's somewhere behind Chanel and opposite Poney/Cotton On


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