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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Skin care; how they've got you fooled

When it comes to skin care products, many companies, especially commercial ones work by fooling their customers.

How do they fool us?

Like I've mentioned in previous post, they do so by harping on false information and educating the public about their products wrongly through product descriptions and advertisements

So today I will be talking about the hidden truths in anti aging products.

Anti-aging product advertisements are amazing. They draw a few lines and wrinkles on the models' faces, then erase it after declaring that the model has been using their miraculous product.

And if you have a closer look at those advertisements, you will realise that almost all of them have something in common. The models only use anti-aging products once their wrinkles and laugh lines appear.

So what?

You may not realise this because those advertisements only serve to attack your sub-conscious mind, but they are secretly trying to convey that you don't need to worry about aging when you are young.
Which is a LIE


Because they are implying that the cure is better than prevention, which is another LIE!

Despite claiming that their anti-aging products can reverse time and diminish wrinkles, only very few of them actually work.
Most of the products in the market, use caffeine to lift up your wrinkles but this is only temporary as the results will fade within a few hours, returning your wrinkles to it's original form.

But why would they do that for?
To get you buying their products again and again for that temporary effect of having no wrinkles on your face

Put it this way, if your wrinkles were to really disappear after a week as claimed in their advertisements, would you buy their product again?

Of course not!

But, if your wrinkles were to disappear for a while, and return a few hours later, that would get you in a trap to keep buying their products.
The marketing strategy behind this little trick is to recruit loyal customers that would return to them again and again.

Besides that, most advertisements keep harping on the cure, but they never seem to talk about the prevention.

So what is the prevention?
To moisturise your skin every day, to apply eye gel under you eyes, to apply sunblock before going out, etc
Notice that they don't bother explaining that these can prevent, or slow down aging in the future?

The reason why many companies and brands are not telling you is to trick you into becoming loyal consumers of their anti-aging product in the future!

Always remember that prevention is always better than cure.

If you don't want to look like a prune when you grow old, start now! Don't wait until your wrinkles emerge. You might be too late then

So thanks for reading, and i hope this post managed to educate you guys to be better consumers :)
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