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Monday, July 4, 2011

The right way to wash your hair

The right way to wash your hair is to do it once every 2-3 days, or at most, once a day (considering the fact that you sweat a lot in Malaysia, but it is still not advisable)

However, there are some people who wash their hair automatically, every time they shower. And I have known people who end up washing their hair 3 times a day!

The reason why we should not wash our hair frequently is because our scalp produces natural oils to moisturize our hair, making them healthier. If we were to wash it off so frequently, the natural oils in our hair will be unable to work properly, resulting in dry and brittle hair.

The reason why we wash our hair is to remove excessive oil and grime that accumulates in our hair over a certain period of time. 

The key to washing our hair is to start by wetting it with warm water to open up the pores. Then we use a gentle shampoo (preferably without SLS or SLES; click here to find out more) to massage into a lather. Remember to massage your scalp and hair for at least 3 minutes! Washing your hair is not just about applying shampoo and rinsing it off!

Once you're done massaging, rinse it off with cold water. And always remember to finish off with a little bit of conditioner to seal the moisture in your hair.

While the idea of washing your hair less frequently might seem disgusting to some, many people are't aware that washing your hair often can lead to having an oilier scalp.

When we wash off the oils in our hair too often, the sebaceous glands in our hair follicles react by producing even more hair oil to make up for the lost ones during washing.

Consequently, our scalp feel oilier, and the urge to wash it emerges again. This will then lead to a vicious cycle with increasing frequency in washing of the hair and increasing production of oils in hair follicles

Besides that, there are also cases whereby a person washes his/her hair so often, that his/her scalp becomes so irritated, triggering hair loss

Too much or too little of something is often not good for you.
You can't go around washing your hair once a month, nor can you go around washing your hair 3 times a day.

Thus, it is vital that we practice moderation in matters like this.

Thanks for reading, and i hope you find this post helpful. Please introduce this blog to your friends :D


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