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Friday, July 1, 2011

The right way to spray your fragrances

Another question that I have been asked, "How do you apply fragrances?"

You apply fragrances by spraying it directly on your pulse points.

The picture above shows all the pulse points in your body. But you don't have to apply it on every pulse point. A spray in the both the wrists and the sides of the neck should do the trick.

So why do we spray perfume on our pulse points?

Our pulse points are generally warmer regions compared to the rest of our bodies. When we apply our fragrance there, the projectivity and the scent of the fragrance will be enhanced.

However, we have to address the fact that the alcohol present in fragrances are dehydrating agents that will dry up our skin.

That's why whenever we buy a perfume set, a lotion that has the same scent as the perfume will be included. The purpose of this lotion or moisturizer is to be applied on our pulse points before spraying the perfume on it. This process is called 'layering', and it works by minimizing the moisture loss from your skin due to the presence of alcohol from your fragrance.

Green Tea perfume set by Elizabeth Arden

Not only do layering helps prevent dryness, it helps your fragrance last to longer too (please note that it does not help your fragrance to project better)

Talking about layering, there are some people who enjoy performing it by using a moisturizer and a fragrance of different scents. For example, X layers his perfume by applying an Armani Code moisturizer, followed by a spray of Tuscan Soul EDT.

Mixing your moisturizers and fragrances like that may seem interesting and adventurous. But you have to realise that the final scent might not always turn out well. It will all depend on your luck.

Then, I have some other questions to answer

1. Can I spray my perfume on my clothes?
No. Your clothes are not as warm as your body. Spraying your perfume there will decrease its projectivity big time.

2. Can I spray my perfume on my armpit?
No. Your armpit does not have any pulse points. You can spray your deodorant there, but do not waste your perfume there.

3. Can I spray my perfume on my hair?
Big no. Like I said, alcohol is a dehydrating agent. By spraying it on your hair, you are wasting your perfume, and your hair will be dry and brittle at the end of the day.

So, that;s all for this post. Thank you very much for reading, and please introduce this blog to your friends :)


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