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Thursday, July 21, 2011

the lalamui/lalazai test

Asians are well known for their asian fashion.

The bling, the vivacious colours, the sparkles, and the layers. That's the so-called Asian fashion

Singaporeans and Malaysians came up with this derogatory term to define these particular group of people : lalamui for the girls and lalazai for the boys

But, what determines whether you are lala or not?

So here's a short and simple test.

Take a look at the pics of this shoes. Are they lala (yucky) or are they fabulous?

What do you think?

Take some time to think about it.

Here's the deal. They're all Louboutin shoes.



*what's Louboutin?*
I hope you did not ask that. you can go google that up if you want.

So the thing is, there are two types of people when it comes to high fashion.

People who have true high fashion taste regardless of brands, and people who pretend to have high fashion taste by looking at the brands

For the first type, if they hate it, they'll hate it

But, for the second type, they'll hate anything they want, but the moment they discover the brand, they try to justify means to like it. 

So what about the lala thingy?
It's nothing but a trap to test you guys.
I mean, some of you may initially say it's lala and continue to condemn them. But the moment you find out it's actually Louboutin, you start to find excuses like 'the pic wasn't clear', or 'i did not see the shoes clearly'.
Then you'd start praising the shoes, and comment how fantabulous the colours are.

I mean I don't mind these type of people. But it gets really annoying when they start to condemn the fashion taste of others, while their "good brands = good fashion" taste is equally questionable as well.

So if you enjoy making fun of others, you might want to take a moment to look at yourself first :P

That's all for this post, and pardon me if I injured your ego XD


chun ren said...

The moment i saw the 1st pic..i was wondering is that a Chritian Louboutin.

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