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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to choose the right fragrance

Before we start, you will need to ask yourself one question.

"Why do you want to get yourself a perfume?"

*Bullshit question. Of course to smell nice lah!*

I know lah you want to smell nice. But that's not the proper answer.
What is your goal in using perfumes?

Everyone uses fragrance because they have a goal they want to achieve. Still don't get it? Here are some of the goals :

1. I want to attract the opposite/same gender

People who have this goal in mind should opt for a fragrance with strong projectivity; something that demands attention.
But take note that you should also choose a perfume that is uncommon. You don't want to go into a room smelling like 12 other dudes or bitches.

for guys : Joop! Pour Homme. (It's very uncommon in Malaysia and it projects reallly well)

for gals : Jean Paul Gaultier Classique

2. I want to hide my body odour.

If you have a terrible problem with smelling bad, your skin probably has the tendency to project fragrances very well. Hence, you should avoid the strong perfumes as it will be too offensive to those around you. You should also avoid the weak ones, as they might not be strong enough to cover your body stench. Opt for the ones with medium projectivity  and have a fresh scent

for guys : Mont Blanc Starwalker

for gals : Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden

3. I need a nice scent to make me feel confident

Choose the weaker perfumes. You need a scent that sticks closely to your skin. Enough for you to smell it, but subtle enough to go unnoticed to the people around you

for guys : Davidoff Cool Water

for gals : DKNY Be Delicious

4. I need a perfume for me to put on just for special events (e.g. wedding dinners)

If you're getting a perfume just for special events, choose wisely. Coz it's highly likely that you'll just get one and stick with it to the rest of your life.
Choose something classic and classy. Perhaps a powdery fragrance would be great.

for guys : CK Eternity

for gals : CK Escape

5. I love fragrances. Different scents affect how i feel, and brings back faint memories

Among all 5, this is the rarest group of people. They are bound to own more than 10 perfumes, and the fact that they enjoy the scents, they are the group most likely to purchase a fragrance marketed for the opposite gender.

That's the 5 types I've recognized so far.

So what type are you, and what fragrance do you use?

Do leave me a comment telling me about that :)

Thanks for reading


tarekh said...

well explained . Likeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Awwwwwww

Clyde Lim said...

thanks for the compliments tarekh! Appreciate it a lot :D

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