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Friday, July 29, 2011

Homosexuality and morality

I remember the last time I was having Moral studies in uni, my lecturer said, apart from divine commandment theory (religious views), there isn't other moral views that states that homosexuality is wrong.

Then, this boy raised his hands and said, homosexuality is immoral because it's against utilitarianism (the view that an action is moral if its satisfies everyone). His opinion is that, homosexuality is an eyesore and its painful to the eye to watch two men kissing or holding hands.

Then my lecturer was like "Nobody ask you to see also"

Despite that, the boy kept persisting that homosexuality is immoral because it's an eyesore.

Then, I came up to argue that his "eyesore" point of view is not based on ethics, but aesthetics. This is so because he kept arguing that homosexuality is wrong because it's an unpleasant sight, not anything else.

If aesthetics were to determine morality, wouldn't the world be a sadder and more superficial world than it already is?

And it's really silly to judge morality based on aesthetics in the first place. If morality is determined by what pleases the eyes, then aren't slim people moral, while people having problems with weight immoral?

And people with big eyes are moral. People with small eyes, on the other hand are not

And if morality is based on aesthetics, beautiful people will always be moral, whereas, the so-called ugly people will always be immoral.

Do you want to live in a world like this?

If you wouldn't want to, stop condemning others simply because you consider them an eyesore.

If you still think homosexuality is immoral because it's unpleasant to your eyes, then everyone in the world has every single right to think you are immoral simply because your ugly face is an eyesore.


Kris said...

Apart from the end I think it is very good and thought through, but saying someone is "ugly" because someone has an opinion that does not include homosexuals as moral people is a bit harsh. I believe people are allowed to have an opinion, no matter how many dislikes that opinion, on the other hand having a tolerant world where everyone is equals and none condemns each other would be great, sadly this isn't so.

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