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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gender-based products

I remembered the last time I came out of my dorm bathroom with a Schwarzkopf shampoo in my hand. One of my dorm mates told me that men shouldn't use shampoos like that. They should only use shampoos meant for men, like Clear for Men.

And when I was using my Tanaka White facial cleanser, he told me that men should't use cleansers like that. Instead, men should opt for something like the Neutrogena Whitening for Men, that he is using.

So is it better for men to use products targeted for men?

Personally, I don't think using men products make much of a difference.

The reason why the word "men" is present in your skincare or haircare, is to lead you to believe that this product is developed for men. But the truth is that, they are NOT developed for men. They are just advertised and marketed for men.

So what's the difference?

While most unisex products out there have fragrances that lie on the floral and fruity side, products meant for men usually have scent that fall under the woody, oriental, and musky category.

Besides that, unisex skincare have a wider range of products (cleanser, toner, serum, essence, moisturizer, mask, etc.)
while skincare targeted for men are usually limited to cleansers, toners and moisturisers.

unisex skin care range

skincare range for men

This is so because it is a common perception that most men spend less time taking care of their face. Hence, companies limit the number of products for the men's range.

There may be some small differences in the fragrances, the advertisements, and all that, between men and unisex products, but in the end of the day, they are just the same.

Believing that men skincare is more effective on men compared to unisex products, is not a right perception.

In fact, the truth is that it might be the other way round.

Companies know that most men cared less about their face, and their ego will definitely not allow them to pick up an unisex product with a women's face on the packaging.

Owing to that, men spend less time researching on the ingredients that are unsuitable on the skin, giving companies the liberty to mix up a product containing horrible ingredients and market it for ignorant men.
While this may not be true for some brands, it's true for most of brands that you can find out there.

Honestly, stick to the unisex products. 
In my opinion, commercial products for men is just a scam. Unless you're using luxury products for men like Dr Brandt, then that might make a difference

 If you are flithy rich, you might want to try Dr Frederic Brandt's products.

conclusion : Men products are not better than unisex products.

If you still have friends who still wanna argue with you about men using men products, ask them to read this blog

BTW, when I say "unisex products", i meant the rest of the products in the market that aren't targeted for men.

So thanks for reading. And I hope this post managed to enlighten you :D


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