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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fake Louis Vuitton

I never liked LV
You may think its classy and all that, but to me, I'd rather get something from Burberry instead.

Then one day, I saw my aunt carrying this LV bag

Of course this is not a pic of my aunt lah! *duh*

So then I asked my mom "Why don't you get LV?"

And my mom replied "So expensive. How can i spend so much money on just a handbag?"

"People like us take LV also no point one lah", interrupted my father

"Why leh?" I asked expecting another typical lecture on how money should not be spent on material goods. Instead, he said something very clever that remained in my memories for years to come

"If you're not rich, people will think the LV you are using is fake, even if it's original. And if you're rich, people will always think it's original, even if it's fake"

What my dad meant was at first glance lah. Tak kan you gonna scrutinize every woman's LV to see whether its fake or not kan?

Petaling Sreet, the fake LV paradise

And if you are one of those lala aunties, wearing rainbow-coloured tubes, printed "Disco girl. Boom Boom. XOXO" and can be heard from miles away, don't even bother getting a fake LV thinking others might fall for it.

You ain't fooling anyone


Anonymous said...

Oh someone told me that LV stands for 'Low Value'.



Clyde Lim said...

hahahah. nice on shereen. I couldn't agree more XD
(i dont like LV so much)

chun ren said...

i like LV but not the monogram series,like the square graphic 1..but if i got the money to buy branded stuff,i will aim for Hermes Birkin..hehe.

Anonymous said...

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