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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Designer Labels and the pronunciation

The thing about designer labels and high end brands are they are so hard to pronounce, and it's really embarrassing to pronounce them wrongly.

So I for this post, i will be showing you the right way to pronounce them

1. Versace = Ver-sa-chee

2. Hermes = Air-mez

3. Jean Paul Gaultier = Zhon Paul Go-tee-ay

4. XOXO = So So

5. Miu Miu = Mew Mew

6. L'occitane = Lok-si-tan

7. Givenchy = Jee-von-shee

8. Tag Heuer = Tag Ho-yer

9. Clarins = Clarans

10. Yves Saint Laurent = Eve Saint Lor-rong

11. Bebe = Bee Bee

12. Bvlgari = Bull-ger-ree

So there's 12 pronunciation in this post and I hope you found this post helpful :D
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