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Friday, July 1, 2011

Day and Night Fragrances

To make things simple, day perfumes are the fragrances that you wear during the day, while night perfumes are the fragrances that you wear at night.

Now let's go deeper into the details.

A fragrance wheel classifying scents

Day perfumes, sometimes called office perfumes, are normally more invigorating, but subtle compared to night perfumes. Day perfumes are mostly fresh notes comprising of citrus, soft floral, fruity and marine scents.

The reason why day perfumes are usually made of this, is to get you through the day feeling fresh and revitalized. Also, most day perfumes are inoffensive, meaning they are less likely to suffocate and cause nausea in others near you.

Be Delicious by DKNY, a very very popular day perfume that is fresh and revitalizing

Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui, a perfume with subtle hints of oriental floral notes

Tuscan Soul by Salvatore Ferragamo, a unisex fragrance that is easy on the nose

Versace Eau Fraiche, a citrus fragrance for men, which is also a summer fragrance

Hugo Boss, Bottle No. 6, very suitable for office use

CK Eternity, for him and for her, a classic scent that would brighten your day

Then, we have the night perfume. Unlike their day counterparts, night perfumes are more bold and intense. They are daring, and sexy. Some might even contain traces of sensual and wild elements.

Night perfumes normally have stronger projectivity, and can be offensive to some if worn during the day. They can be romantic while being enigmatic, concealing a hidden note of lust.

Delicious Night by DKNY, a counterpart of Be Delicious that was introduced in 2007

Night of Fancy By Anna Sui. A night version of Flight of fancy

Midnight Fantasy, a fragrance by the ex-princess of pop, Britney Spears

Drakkar Noir, a fragrance for men by Guy Laroche. Intensely strong, you must NEVER wear this during the day

Hugo Boss (night)

Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson

However, always bear in mind that you're living in a free world. If you choose to wear a night fragrance during the day, or vice versa, it is entirely up to you.
You are definitely not breaking any law, and nobody has the right to say that you are wrong.

But of course, you might offend the nose of the people around you. So choose wisely.

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