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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Parabens such as metyhl paraben and proply paraben, are chemicals used to prolong the shelf-life of products

the general molecular structure of paraben

As many of our facial and hair products contain extracts, paraben works as a preservative to make them last longer. Don't be surprised that even some of our food products contain parabens!

Due to the fact that parabens can be found easily, and they are cheap, many manufacturers opt to use them in the in their products to lower the price, and make it more affordable

So far, there has been no strong evidence saying that parabens are dangerous. Even so, parabens are added at very low concentrations in products. So such little amount should not be harmful to us

However, if your day products contain methyl paraben, I would suggest that you finish off with a sunblock of at least SPF 30. This is so because research has shown that mehthyl paraben breaks down under the exposure of UV rays and will result in rapid death of the skin cells below it

So would it be a better option for one to use skin products that are paraben free?

Nutox Oxyfusion is a range by Tohtonku that is entirely paraben free

Actually, this is entirely up to you. Of course, it would be better if we were to avoid products containing preservatives. But personally, I think it is just a business gimmick.

Some companies claim that they do not use parabens in their products, instead, they use other chemicals which are more dangerous as preservatives.

So to avoid or not to avoid? You decide :)

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