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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The dangers of Mineral Oil

Another ingredient you might want to avoid in skin products, is the controversial mineral oil.

Over the years, mineral oil has been renamed again and again with names like white oil, liquid paraffin, etc.
However, a name that was never ever used in the cosmetics market, but used in other markets, is none other than the word 'kerosene'

Yes. Mineral oil is Kerosene, a by-product of petroleum, that we use as a fuel for combustion.

So what on earth are companies adding kerosene in products for?

Apparently, mineral oil works rather similar to dimethicone. They work by forming a thin layer on our skin, clogging our pores. This way, moisture lost to the surroundings will be minimised.

Having our pores clogged, bacteria growth is encouraged, and dead skin cells are trapped inside, leading to pimples and acne. To add matters worse, the fact that mineral oil is an oil, it causes more harm and irritation to our skin.

The threats posed by mineral oil does not stop there.

When mineral oil is absorbed by our skin into our bodies, it is sent to the liver to be broken down. After that, mineral will absorb the fat soluble vitamins (Vitamin A, D, E, K) in our bodies.

Due to the fact that mineral oil robs our bodies of vital vitamins, many health problems have been attributed to the frequent use of mineral oil. Such health problems include pneumonia, decrease in lung functions, nutritional deficiencies etc.

Baby oil is a product made entirely of mineral oil mixed with fragrance. Imagine slathering kerosene all over your baby!

It's strange how many companies insist on using mineral oil as a part of their ingredients, despite knowing the side effects of it.

That's why we have to be educated consumers. We MUST always look at the list of ingredients before buying to avoid having poisonous substances in our faces.

So if the companies refuse to think about our health, it's time we, the consumers give them a silent protest by saying NO to mineral oil products.

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